darby + stephen + oliver + tenley

Dogs, little ones, and the kindest parents around – oh, and cookies!  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend adventure with this family!  There's a place in my heart for people who aren't afraid of a little rain (okay, a lot of rain) and letting their kids splash around in puddles.

I've been extremely fortunate to meet so many incredible families as part of my series on diversity, and the Lamberts are no exception.  Darby and Stephen are hilarious together, and Oliver and Tenley are quite clearly being raised by two of the best!  I loved getting to know this family and hearing stories of their childhood and how they fell in love.  If you ever have the chance to meet them, you'll be so glad you did.  I'm pretty sure I had a smile glued to my face the whole time!  Enjoy a little bit of our time together.  Hope y'all love these as much as I do!


jessica + freddy + callie

Where do I even begin with this family?  This session goes in the books for one of the most fun I've had while shooting in the winter cold!  6-month-old Callie spends most of her time smiling and enamored with her parents, watching curiously, finding things to try and eat that probably should not be eaten.  Both Freddy and Jessica are warm and friendly, and you can tell from just a few minutes with them that their hearts are kind and open.  I feel lucky to have met them and can't wait to see their family grow older together!  

Here's some of our time together in NW Portland on a surprisingly sunny winter day.  Enjoy!  


eve + steven + erik

So excited to share our first family in our series on diversity in America!  

Eve and Steven are two incredibly kind, smart, caring parents raising the sweetest little boy, Erik.  I was incredibly honored to be welcomed into their home and spend a little time getting to know them.  I need two hands to count the languages both Eve and Steven speak, and you can tell at such a young age already that Erik is is headed in that same direction!  Boy can that little dude talk.  Currently it's mostly gibberish, but adorable none-the-less.  We had our fair share of gibberish conversation while we decorated the Christmas tree and played with toys!  I can only imagine the places Erik is going to go in life with parents like his, too.  

Here's a little bit of our time together and I hope it warms your heart like it warmed mine!